Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Kansas City Tuesday Evening Link Blast

German Jordan Carver hotness illuminates our search all the important Kansas City mainstream media links at the 5PM hour. Take a look:

Kansas City Urban Core Scare
Robber wearing 'Scream' mask hits east KC restaurant
No Comeback In Kansas City
Reports: Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles out for season
Healthcare FAIL In Kansas City
Obamacare costs up, choices down in Missouri and Kansas
Show-Me Election Comparison
Missouri's Next Secretary Of State Will Be A First Time Officeholder
Local Lesson In Education Slashing
Heritage College announces closure of Kansas City and Wichita campuses
Eat With The GOP
Missouri Senate Republicans offer private dinners for campaign contributions
Kansas City Westport Good Times Continue After Liquor Code Crackdown
Ça Va's license troubles are over, a result that calls for champagne
And this is the OPEN THREAD once again . . .


Anonymous said...

"Heritage College announces closure of Kansas City and Wichita campuses"

Have people honestly not figured out what these FOR PROFIT career schools are really about? After decades the Federal government is finally starting to put a stop to baloney accredited schools milking Federal funds using students who could never cut it in a state university.

There have been cases of faked student qualifications, faked instructor qualifications, fake scores on admissions tests, faked grades and schemes only limited by the imagination. Vatterott even had staff sent to jail over their schemes.

Many of the people who run the trade schools roam from for profit company to company playing college managers until the heat is on and the well starts to run dry. If anything Uncle Sam needs to appoint boards to govern the schools. Most states don't even require the staff to show up for work sober, let alone require instructors to have degrees.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to have an opinion or any info on Concorde, would you?

This new's and what you have stated is very distressing

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

My Obama care is now 900 a month per person. That's 1800 a month for 2 people age 45 in Kansas City Kansas. I have been in remission for blood cancer for over 5 years. I have a bone marrow biopsy once a year to see if the cancer comes back. I also have pet scans.

In the meantime, single parents with multiple children get free insurance. If I get pregnant I qualify for free insurance.

I'm not into guys, but I need to get preggo for Medicaid. Anybody wanna have a lipstick sandwich? Will get preggo for insurance. Most likely my cancer will grow as the baby grows, but I get no tax credits because we work.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...Honestly

and yes im down for helping you...