Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Kansas City Tuesday Election Night Newz

Quick gathering of more Kansas City mainstream media news and links for this evening along with our ongoing tribute to Jordan Carver and her German hotness. Take a peek:

Show-Me Not A Bad Idea
Why doesn't Missouri have early voting?
Rare Westside Visit From City Hall
Kansas City Mayor Sly James has a message for all voters
More Deets On Tragic Highway Scene
Drivers swerve to avoid car stalled on highway; but driver dies in fiery crash
Meth Town Gunfire Aftermath
Independence man charged in fatal shooting at house party
Show-Me Sinking Feeling
Another recusal in case of trooper charged in drowning
Nasty Charges Across State Line
Priest in KCK archdiocese engaged in misconduct with adult, church reveals
Downtown Kansas City Stripping Of Sorts
Musical Theater Heritage delivers a winning and worldly Cabaret
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


Who's broad, striped and bright stars???

Anonymous said...

Damn, KC has done horrible under Obama. Can't believe that people are lined up to get smacked in the face again.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Lake Of The Ozarks where water patrol will drown you handcuffed if you look like a guy who fucked their girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what rhae fuck are these judges up to .im just a regular joe.but im smart enough to smell a rat !!

any lawyers out there wanna give me their take on this bullshit , please

Phill ?

Anybody Else?

There has to be justice done for this kid!!