Friday, November 11, 2016

Kansas City Taco Celebration Before Prez-Elect Trump Builds The Wall

Reactionary America loves to hate the people, culture and cuisine of their neighbors . . . But, like it or not, it's still a guilty pleasure and will inevitably endure the current divisive climate. Checkit: Food Critics: The Best Tacos In Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Damn Tony, you're starting to sound like you need to get some psychotherapy after the election. Do we need to put you on suicide watch?

Super Dave said...

hmmmmm tacos

Anonymous said...

Christine's Fire House in Northtown.
Thursday nights.
Jam session PLUS $1 tacos that are excellent.
$2 Margarita

Eat, drink and have a great night with music for less than $15

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm idiot.

chuck said...

La Fonda has killer fried tacos. The grease just runs right out of them. So, so tasty!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm shut the fuck up 7:45