Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kansas City Southern Stock Tanks In The Aftermath Of Historic Trump Victory

Turns out . . . It's hard for trains to go through walls . . . And this local juggernaut company benefits which benefits from loose trade restrictions now fears the future. Take a look: Why Kansas City Southern's Shares Plunged 14% Today -- The Motley Fool


Anonymous said...

Take a look at Sturm-Ruger and Smith and Wesson, both down about 15% yesterday, you can't tell me they weren't secretly pulling for Hillary!

Anonymous said...

The weren't pulling for Hilliary. As soon are she didn't get elected the perception was that the gun market would loose urgency because of the absence of gun take-a-way fears and the election of a pro 2d amendment president. This logic was further supported by the fact that FBI NICS had the slowest day for background checks in almost a decade and that was after doing 2 million gun background checks last month alone.

Now fears of gun sales slow downs have major sporting goods and gun dealers ordering full color print adds and flyers trying not to loose sales as we enter the quarter where over 50 percent of retail sales happen. Just watch the gun sales and promotions start in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Situations like this enraged the silent majority and got Trump elected...keep it up and we will become more enraged!