Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Kansas City Sleeper Election Winners

Quick rundown of the lesser election contests and Kansas City politicos who earned a victory last night under the radar . . .

John Rizzo Earns Missouri Senate Seat

A solid victory from this Kansas City urban core politico who has fought to earn recognition for his solid organizing work and fundraising for fellow Democratic Party colleagues.

Sen. Ryan Silvey Stays Winning

A hard fought contest against a noob put this politico on edge but in the end he spent a lot of cash and came out on top . . .

Lee's Summit Councilman Moreno Fends Off Recall Petition For Now

His opposition still has nearly 60 days but they didn't hit the polls very hard yesterday and that was their best chance.

Big Red Jason Holsman Wins Reelection

An impressive 80/20 win shows us that this Southland KC politico still garners a great deal of support.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Good job Moreno!

Anonymous said...

Holsman has no competition, he is now a career politician no one really cares, he does nothing