Monday, November 07, 2016

Kansas City Sharks Winning Tea Party Fight Against Alleged IRS Political Discrimination

Hottie Sophie Reade inspires this soothing look at an otherwise consideration of this contentious political struggle. Take a peek:

"Kansas City-based Graves Garrett LLC earned a preliminary injunction against the Internal Revenue Service, which is accused of discrimination against the Tea Party. A U.S. District Court in Ohio determined that Graves Garrett presented enough evidence that the IRS discriminated against hundreds of Tea Party groups by targeting them for heightened scrutiny and unnecessary delays during the tax-exempt application process . . ."

Developing . . .

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Anonymous said...

This case will be a no brainer given that the Congressional investigation has already yielded shitloads of IRS emails and data proving they intentionally went out of their way to stall and prevent conservative organizations from gaining tax exempt status. Just another example of corrupt libtards taking over the government.