Monday, November 07, 2016


As the conclusion of this violent and bloody year approaches, once again Kansas City children have increasingly been the victim of gunfire.

Tragically, this recent spate of shooting has mostly been because of gun owner carelessness in storing deadly weapons.

Accordingly . . .


Remember . . .

At the very end of October a 3-year-old died in a shooting involving an unsecured gun in KCMO.

Last week a 2-year-old suffered critical injuries in a KCK parking lot shooting.

And just hours ago . . . A double shooting leave both father and daughter with horrific injuries.

Here's the latest on that incident:

KCTV5: Kansas City police are investigating a shooting that's left a 1-year-old child in critical condition.

KMBC: Kansas City police detectives are investigating a double shooting involving a father and his 1-year-old girl Sunday.

KSHB: According to KCPD spokesperson Stacey Graves, the child is a 1-year-old girl and is listed in critical condition..

So far, the response to this has been a renewed call for gun safety from the Jackson County prosecutor.

Take a look:

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Anonymous said...

Everything's Selfie Frosty!

Bob said...

I hope to be in the vicinity (but not too close) when Jean Peters Baker tries to persuade the person who did the shooting to adopt "simple & inexpensive gun safety measures." She would learn the hard way that gun safety is not way up there on the guy's priorities list.

Anonymous said...

They're blacks.

So what? Asks the world.

And the world answers not.

Anonymous said...

Collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

Yeah nobody cares about da blaaks no mo Tony

Anonymous said...

Uneducated blacks living in urban ghettos with household income under $30,000 are overwhelmingly the primary constituent of Clinton and the Democratic Party.

They subsist on entitlements doled out to them by Democrat benefactors who have successfully enslaved them in welfare dependency, while keeping them uninformed through government run indoctrination centers. They continue to vote for their continued enslavement because they have lost their self-respect and hope for a better life. These are the people demanding more as compensation for their skin color, while being egged on by our first black president. The rural and suburban whites are content watching from afar as blacks murder each other in the Democrat controlled “gun free” urban ghettos, but if they try to bring their social justice demands into white gun owning America, shit will get ugly real fast.

Anonymous said...

Correction...three children shot dead in the past three weeks. That is a shame.

Black kids = target practice

Anonymous said...

Shooting kids is like eating barbecue. It's what Kansas City people do.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a cloud baby living in the land of lollipops and unicorns.

More and more and more black violence just for the sake of violence. Nothing from black leaders who consistently show a lack of character and good judgement with no moral compass.

And JP Baker comes up with the absolutely ludicrous, most incomprehensible, pathetic statement that the situation can be solved by "simple & inexpensive gun safety measures". Has she lost touch with reality?

Anonymous said...

Has JPB lost touch with reality?
Keep in mind that she's a big supporter of renewing the COMBAT tax ($20 million/year) because it's been such an effective program for fighting drugs and crime.
105+ murders in KCMO alone this year so far.
That pretty much answers that question.

Stay in your lane said...

There are no black leaders just like there are no white leaders. There are people in positions of authority who happy to be black, white, other. That doesnt mean that they lead an entire race of people.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Blacks are fine with third world standards and daily shootings as long as the shooters are Black. A child shot? Ok. A Black gangster shot up a bunch of random people at a party? That's perfectly fine. But if a White cop shoots a Black gangster then it is wrong even if the gangster had a gun. The White cop should have shot the gun out of his hand and then let him off with a warning.

Even liberals have to be embarrassed by their vote farms. It's just so pathetic. Practically everyone has given up on expecting Blacks to behave. The debate is over how the handlers are supposed to act while patrolling the zoo. I haven't seen a White lib make one of their "public education" pleas in a while. Most libs don't even seem to care about the violence as long as their vote farms stay blue, right Tony? It's not like top-level libs are living anywhere near the Congo.

Anonymous said...

Jean Penis Baker