Friday, November 25, 2016


For the most part the City Council in KCMO has flown under the radar for the holiday season. There are a great many fights to preview but for right now we want to acknowledge a few of the strongest and most influential among this collection of elected officials.

Accordingly . . .


There will more to talk about in the coming days and weeks but for now let's look at where we stand. Take a peek:

1st District In-District: Heather Hall

The only avowed Conservative on the Council. Heather Hall has made a name for herself by asking tough questions, standing up for police against cuts and reaching out to her colleagues in order to bring more resources across the bridge. If the future of KC is in the Northland, then Heather Hall is a big part of that future.

3rd District At-Large: Quinton Lucas

He's the favorite Council Member among Kansas City's elite and most of the 3rd District power brokers as well - The ability of Mr. Lucas to bridge that divide is the secret to his success as virtually everyone in this cowtown counts themselves as his supporter, if not outright fan.

2nd District At-Large: Teresa Loar

She has provided a voice of reason to ask tough questions of Single-Terminal Airport supporters and their scheme. Behind the scenes she has proven to be the far more successful politician in a battle of wills betwixt Mayor Sly James as the City Hall honcho now offers her (and her constituents) special consideration rather than risk fighting with her openly. Give her credit for being the only politico at City Hall to understand that playing nice with Mayor Sly never works, it's better just to be straightforward about city issues rather than trying to schmooze this town's greatest schmoozer.

4th District: Jolie Justus

Without question she's beloved in the 4th District. Jolie Justus gracefully represents everything that Midtown Kansas City progressives want to show the world. While Council Lady Justus has confronted trouble dealing with the nuts and bolts of her job like crime-prevention, developer influence and neighborhood complaints - Her overall politics and image continues to win her the loyalty of most 4th District denizens. 

6th District At-Large: Scott Taylor

Give him credit where its due - Scott Taylor wants to be mayor and he's the FIRST to put it out there for all to witness. Connections to D.C. and some of the most fearsome consultants in Kansas City have propelled him to the top of the local political food chain as he moves to take the next step in his career.

Accordingly . . .

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

here's what this really represents:

The mayor is getting bored with being Mayor.

You should have called this: The mice will play.

Go For KC! said...

Streetcar extension will bring back a lot of debate here. They wanted to wait at least one year until the topic was back on the table. May is coming and that's going to force Sly, Jolie and Kathryn to take the lead if they're going to push for continued funding or let it flounder.

Make no mistake, if the streetcar isn't expanded it will die and that's why we need to get together and push KC forward with the new streetcar!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you wrote Quinton Lucas in as 4th District. Although he represents 3rd District at large, he never was and is not now part of that district. So, where ever you place him is fine and nobody will likely notice because his allegiance is to himself. He's probably among the worst on the council in my opinion... Him and his sidekick Retard Reed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sad thing is the Hall seems to be the only person worrying about crime. She doesn't even have any crime up there!!! Our council members don't give a shit. We live in mid town and Jolie handy done anything about crime. Our area has become too dangerous to walk around at night and the council seems to be MIA on the issue. They should be ashamed and if this is as good as they can be we need to find council that will take crime issues seriously.

Anonymous said...

Jolie doesn't give a shit about crime. She is in bed with developers and wants the street car and airport. Both are losers north, south and east side of city. Money won't win the mayor race, not anymore.

Lucas, Taylor, and a dark horse might be Hall, they seem to be listening to the residents of Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Jeez...whatta bunch of asshats!

Here Comes Santa Claus said...

I'll be delivering a lot of coal it appears this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting faces on the reasons that KCMO is an enormous drag on the progress and success of the entire region.
Their terrible priorities, mostly themselves actually, lack of serious vision and leadership, reckless spending of tax money, and inability to collaborate with the other over one-hundred cities and counties throughout the region greatly inhibit the seven-county region in its ability to compete and prosper.
And election after election, only the names and faces change.
No wonder so few KCMO residents even bother voting.

Anonymous said...

I'd have flipped it Lucas & then Hall. Both are definitely doing great work for KC & trying to force the city to respect the citizens & not their own fanciful desires.

Anonymous said...

Heather Hall always gives Cum Guy a hard on.

Anonymous said...

I see the I don't have to have current tags on my car City Council member taking up two seats on the front row. Good thing she wore light gray, if she had worn black we wouldn't have been able to see her.