Sunday, November 06, 2016

Kansas City 'Nasty Women' Rally Redux

Remember that earlier in the week we noted that this gathering of Kansas City "Nasty Women" would be a big deal . . . For better or worse this rally was the weekend highlight of KCMO Democracy.

Here's a recap from the DNC leaders THANKS TO AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS . . .

“Nasty Women Unite” Rally in Kansas City, Mo.

National AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler, representing the 6.8 million women of the labor movement, joined Missouri’s elected officials and Greater Kansas City residents to protect the vote against Amendment 6 and to support that candidates that support us.

(Kansas City, Mo. November 5, 2016) – Women took matters into their own hands today and rallied together in good spirits to expose the unacceptable, misogynistic tone that has been unleashed across America this election cycle. AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler, the highest ranking woman official in the labor movement, which represents 6.8 million working women, rallied with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-5), the Missouri State Women’s Political Caucus, the Greater Kansas City Women’s Political Caucus and the women and men of the Greater Kansas City region at the “Nasty Women Unite” rally in Washington Square Park in Kansas City, Mo. Today, Saturday, November 5, Missourians stood in solidarity against the vile attitude, and general disregard for women that is playing out in this election.

Speakers took the stage to the cheers of a crowd of approximately 250 people. Many of them used humor and personal stories as a motivator to get out the vote and to stand up for voting rights of all people. and as a defense against the anti-women tone of Donald Trump and his allies in this election.

“I meet extraordinary working women every day in this job—the mothers, sisters and daughters who truly make our country great,” said Shuler. “Donald Trump calls them nasty women. I call them American heroes.”

Candidates like Jason Kander and Chris Koster have records of fighting for women’s issues and for working families’ issues. Electing leaders like them and Hillary Clinton is how we can break glass ceilings, ensure equal pay for equal work, put an end to sexual harassment and domestic abuse. It’s time to finally pass paid sick leave legislation so we can stop getting our colleagues sick at work and care for our kids when they need to stay home.

Amendment 6 is a costly ballot measure that would strip the Missouri Constitution of its voter protections and would put photo ID into effect. The crowd was urged to vote “#NoOn6” to avoid costing taxpayers about $17 million to implement a law that creates unnecessary challenges to voting, especially for women, seniors, veterans, students and people of color.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (MO-5), reminded the crowd that Election Day is on Tuesday, and encouraged them to go the extra round to get out the vote.

“When I met the world’s greatest heavy weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, I asked him – ‘Champ how did you go through all of those fights? Through the punishment and beating in the ring?’ He said ‘I told myself One More Round’ – and that is what I am telling Democrats One More Round. We must have One More Round of phone banking, One More Round of door knocking, One More Round of getting all voters to the polls on Election Day. One More Round for Victory for Democrats,” exclaimed Rep. Cleaver.

You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

There were 10 people there. "Big deal"

Anonymous said...

More like ugly ass nasty women

Super Dave said...

Why I ask, would any decent woman want to be referred to as a Nasty Woman?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^. It's a badge of honor (and an apt description) for any female supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Were there any horses slapped?
Other than that, looks like not much actually went on.
KC has more five-person "protests" and marches than anywhere else in the metro.
And a smaller percentage of actual voters on election days.
Must be the schools!

Anonymous said...

These are not decent women. They are barely life support systems for vaginas. They serve as filters to make sure the cucks don't spoil the remaining gene pools of good women.

Anonymous said...

I'd fuck.

Anonymous said...

....a duck billed platypuss