Friday, November 04, 2016

Kansas City Morning Crime Roundup

More tribute to Spring Breakers amid this Autumn Second Spring and another compilation on the topic of our ongoing metro crime problem.


Desperate Local Couples Make Easy Marks
Story of adoption scam is a cautionary tale
Inner Suburb Morning Scare And STOLEN GUN
Men sought in Prairie Village home invasion early Friday
Path To More Kansas City, MO Crime
Targeted attacks with unknown motives along Indian Creek Trail leave victims battered and bruised
East Enclave Slice Of Life
Man was forced into car at knife-point by acquaintance in Raytown
Golden Ghetto Gunfire Overnight
3 in custody after shots fired outside Overland Park bar
Developing . . .


Super Dave said...

Two bad guys, white no less, just happen to pick out a house in the middle of a long street to rob in the wee hours of the morning. Now that sounds like a Twilight Zone story to me.

Anonymous said...

Love this guys quote about Indian creek trail,

“I’ve been riding this for probably five years now,” said bicyclist Dave Wilcox, “and I put in like 3,500 miles a year, and I’ve never seen anything, anybody reacting harshly to anybody along here.”

Well maybe if he put in 4,000 miles he would have? wtf

Anonymous said...

NO ,Stupid..That's the sound of OP and JOCO going down the shitter.

BELIEVE IT!! or, not. you dumb bastard. Got any idea's on how to fix it,before it's too late? Oh..nevermind , its been too late