Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kansas City Loves New Taxes!!!

Impressive background on a local tax and linked here only because the voter information for the small minority of voters who actually attempt to understand these issues . . . For the most part, Democracy in Kansas City remains dictated by a small number of special interest groups pushing an endless litany of local levies and horrible candidates for elected office. Here's the background on one more slush fund: An Election Outcome You Might've Missed


Anonymous said...

Again, if the peckerwoods would get off their asses and vote the 30 percent of the population that has nothing to loose by voting for taxes would not be ruling the city.

Anonymous said...

Poverty pimps get more revenue, a lot of it coming from those they purport to help. So they take money from the poor, keep a cut for themselves and parcel some back to the poor.

Anonymous said...

Renew Question 2
Politicians need money.