Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kansas City Lesson Against Hate

The new honcho of the KCPS easily dismisses controversy that has other districts confounded . . . Disagree or not and somewhat ironically, bold statements outlining an approach to governance make for much less bickering in the long run: Kansas City superintendent assures students discrimination won't be tolerated


Anonymous said...

Does this include black on black harassment and violence?

Anonymous said...

So what is he saying; White people will be treated equal?

Anonymous said...

Let's see:
First I won't stand for the national anthem at a football game.
Then a few tweets about some public policy topic I know nothing about.
And of course put on my safety pin so everyone knows I'm not sure what about me.
There, I've done my civic duty of being an engaged contributing citizen.
Now let's go have a few beers.
Superficial comical clowns.