Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Kansas City Lady Shot With Baby On Board

Gunfire aftermath report from KCTV5: "Officers discovered the woman inside a car in the area. She is expected to survive the shooting. Police say she was driving northbound on Interstate 35 under the 12th Street Bridge when she was shot in the arm." Woman found shot in car with child inside at 6th and Broadway


Anonymous said...

Shooting mommies and babies is what Kansas City people do. All the fucking time.

Tracy Thomas said...

Two funny things here.
The story doesn't match the subtext about a 15 year old runner.

And, in the TV5 story, a fool with poor grammar wrote the little blurb, starting the sentence with:
HER and the baby...rather than SHE and the baby.

Oh, brother. Was this the work of an intern or a trick or treat joke???

Anonymous said...

Sounds par for the course for most KC media nowadays.