Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kansas City, Kansas Police Question Mayor And Commissioners Amid Political Slap Fight

There's a total lack of any real deets from this recent report from news hottie Lexi Sutter . . . Still, the innuendo and intrigue is at least interesting along with a snippet of bickering among the Unified Government over all of their recent investments that are consistently losing money. Read more: KCK Police investigating incident between Mayor, Commissioner


Anonymous said...

After all these years, Commish Kane decides to grow 1/2 of a testicle. Not capable of growing a full set and still wants to hide behind closed doors with no cameras. For those of us who knew the Amazon deal was crap and the American Royal deal was real deep crap. Just more lines on Holland's resume your shoving down our throats. The citizens will pay and those few who make millions laugh all the way to their off shore banks.

As of the many people in Wyandotte who had their life destroyed for attempting to prove the Legends was built and maintained on lies and graft, I would love to see Commish Kane grow a large pair and put these matters in front of the cameras before these clown runs for office again.

To say the police are investigating is a joke. I failed to see on the sheriff and police good news reports, they didn't include NOT LYING UNDER OATH.

Happy hunting Commish Kane. Nice to see your personal life is again more important than the people who have suffered under your endless BS. We have the outragaously high taxes to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Mayor has his showy, new office digs downtown while FD and PD facilities are deteriorating DANGEROUSLY. Environmental toxins and disrepair have languished unnecessarily for too long in too many structures that our emergency response professionals occupy daily. How 'bout that South Patrol's new quarters get installed LIKE YESTERDAY? When will those VERY LONG OVERDUE firehouse renovations begin? Sure, let's pose serious health and safety risks to protection services while HOLLAND HANDS OUT CASH IN A CRONIES CODDLIN' GAMBLE TO KCK'S SAFETY AND ECONOMIC STATUS.


Anonymous said...

Spot on 10:57

Anonymous said...

STOP IT!!! for those of us who have attempted to expose Pigs-R-Us, Inc. of lying thieves; FD&PD voted to keep them in office for decades. THEY DO NOT AND HAVE NOT ever protected anyone but themselves and those who profit from us. We've had our lives destroyed with false prosecutions for speaking and writing about these crooks for years. Where in the hell were you when our freedom were stolen from us?

We the people who have robbed blind and lied to while their backroom deals are executed for profit, then failure. Leaving us with the bills and huge bond fees.

A High Noon showdown at the polls is long over due.

Let's start by demanding our own audits. The phony foundations with hidden agendas would be a start. Grant funds disappear into the pockets of the chosen few. Open record requests are tossed in the trash to shield these do-gooding crooks.

Take a stand Wyandotte County and KCK citizens. STOP putting these lying thieves back in office.

Anonymous said...

High tension my ass. How about another $1000 added to our property tax bill in one year Mr. Citizen Kane. Taxation without any representation. The paying peasants of your district have never heard you stick up for us - Ever. Rev Mayor is only in this for the glory and money. Anyone who has dealt with him knows this.

And for the rest of you 9th floor clown school grads, your stories are going to surface if you run for office again. We're sick to death of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Ha Wyandotte County may just sink into the shit hole it is

Anonymous said...

^nothing will come of this. They meet for a few minutes behind closed doors, then blow air kisses at each other. Because they know what's important here is retaining their first class tickets on the Unified Government, KCK, WyCo gravy train. All board thieves and liars!!! Train needs to run over property and small business owners in 2017 big time.

Anonymous said...

Puhleez. TJ would be right there blowing air kisses if he hadn't sucked up to Margera when she told him to go after his nemezis.

Anonymous said...

Margera is she that one they call a bully

Anonymous said...

Kane is right the commission is split. One would think they are even more split now that the four commissioners who referred to themselves as the Justice League have had a fallen out

Anonymous said...

Before this conversation drops of TKC and falls into the old news section, let's examine some facts. Margera known as Commissioner Murguia is at the center of most problems. She's a professional at sucking off the public treasuries. Wants to be mayor, but Holland has the Big C, church people and other biggies who feed his ego and buys his poorly tailored suits.

She's deeply involved with the phony foundations. You know the local do-gooders who take funds under false tax id's. When they get caught give the funds back.

Case in point: Murguia says she's "stunned" that the Parks Foundation sent the money back...In fact, Murguia says the Parks Foundation should have taken the money, no matter who asked for it. She blames politics for the foundation's refusal to accept the grant.

Every attempt to gain access to the Parks Foundation finances are tossed in the trash. This was confirmed by a state level politico just this week. She's at the same meetings agreeing (as ordered) to smash the middle class into pieces with taxes based on Mission Hills rat bastards orders. Someone has to pay for the sweet heart deals.