Friday, November 25, 2016

Kansas City Friday Night News Cleanup

More than a few worthwhile news items for our blog community to consider for the late night and amid holiday cleanup inspired by the tidy hottie Lucy Pinder. Take a look:

New Tech To Kill More Jobs
Kansas City prepares from self-driving cars
Kansas City Low Key Holiday Tradition
Kansas City Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting
La Migra Too Late To Save The Day
Illegal immigrant list arrives day too late to keep woman accused of Wichita mom's murder in jail
Rock Chalk Hobo Hard Times
Kansas Crisis Center in financial crisis
Frosty Treat Across The Bridge???
Dairy Queen™ Coming to Metro North Area?
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...


When fighting over extra helpings of breast, a lot of cream gravy got spilled!!!

dayton said...

fuck thats a hard to look at mug,,, and its not that its ugly, her expression is ugly, her hygiene is ugly, looks like they put a wig on gargamel

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL @ 9:57 and +1 @ 9:58

Anonymous said...

Self driving cars, huh? Who do you pitch them to, I mean, will there be enough dumbed-down,lazy louts combined with multi-tasker types wanting the RoboRides? Hey, y'all, let's roll around while eating, beating, snoozing, boozing, texting, sexing, and doing all manner of hearty party you want! Ain't 'MERICAH GREAT?!

Anonymous said...

So, engineers are going to figure out the "approaching red light" sensing feature of the driverless vehicle (it's simple: hang up and drive). They're also working on features like truck platoons plowing across highways (uh, trains is what we call them). Alright, dedicated lanes for the driverless cars it is. Otherwise, those actual drivers doing sudden lane changes, break-tapping, and erratic speeds will goof up the works.

Anonymous said...

What KCMO really needs are some computerized self-driving elected officials.
Who'll be first to resign?

Anonymous said...

Four different companies have autonomous electric cars at the National car show. Some new companys are betting that by 2020 you will be able to order a car for a ride to work which will then drive itself to the next home to take the next person to work. Those cities with a great road system will end up with faster cheaper and more sustainable transportation system. We will grow mushrooms in the Fast Street Cars.