Tuesday, November 29, 2016


We talked about this yesterday and today looks like the big showdown for protesters against low wages and Prez-Elect Trump.

Here's the word . . .

The Guardian: Terrence Wise, a McDonald’s worker from Kansas City, Missouri, said Donald Trump’s election had reaffirmed the group’s determination to push for change. “We reject sexism and racism and we will not allow our friends and family members to be deported,” Wise said. “This will not happen.”
“On November 29 we will wage our most disruptive strike and protest ever,” Wise said.

Remember during their last major protest the group was arrested for attempting to block a highway intersection.

Just a quick open public opinion poll . . .


TKC EXCLUSIVE . . . We've already got word that local Uber drivers aren't going along with the protest.

Still, there is a pretty big turnout planned. Their morning protests earned a great many honks and were peaceful without incident.

Developing . . .


Silverback Sly said...

Funny i just drove by there 20 minutes ago and there wasnt one person out there,lazy fuckers cant even wake up to protest for shit they dont deserve

Anonymous said...

But isn't their issue a $15/hour minimum wage?
When did sexism, racism, and deportations get added on?
When all you know how to do is to march and protest, any idea that comes along is fine by you.
Maybe they need to add safety pins and vote recounts to their list of "issues".
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Used to be majority of fast food jobs were for teenagers living at home.

Anonymous said...

The crap at McDonalds is not cheap now.

If they have to raise the prices on their pink slime I sure as hell ain't going there anymore.

Anonymous said...

their protest was at 5:30, where's the news best fake kc news blog?

Super Dave said...

"We reject sexism and racism and we will not allow our friends and family members to be deported,”

When did this become a part of the 15 an hour issue? It appears like there can't be a protest anymore with out throwing in the sexism and racism issues rather they are valid or not. Far as I am concerned the voice or positions of this protest were just silenced. Further more if your friends and family members are here legally nobody is going to be deported anywhere unless they were not born here legally and get charged with a major federal crime.

Thy know their protest for 15 an hour isn't going to stand a chance in hell of making it so the voice of the protesters wants to now throw in the race card hoping it will make it happen.

Sorry, but in my book the protesters just shot themselves in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I like your other idea better Super Dave, bringing back Jim Crow laws? This is only a stopgap short term solution until we can be rid of them on this continent altogether of course. We simply cannot have peaceful first world civilization and include violent primitive mud-hutters in our midst.

Another 100 years of programs, setasides, special treatment, make-work do-nothing black middle class jobs, midnight basketball, police cars with 30 inch wheels, no snitching billboards, or anything will catch blacks up to the last 250,000 years of evolution they've sat out.

Their inability to perform to even the minimum standards of the modern world is an expression of hard genetic traits. You cannot domesticate a zebra.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE block the road on my path home. Please

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

As I sit here and watch all the turmoil in the country, I wish to point out that all the protests, strikes, crime and murder and political corruption are a normal part of city living
Here in rural America where we are viewed as ignorant rubes, we live in peace with the simple thought of leaving each other alone
Enjoy your chaos city folks, it's great entertainment

Anonymous said...

Form a union douchebags... just about the time your second month's dues are withdrawn, MO will be a Right To Work state.


Anonymous said...

No body else can do their job ! Join a union Now ! Then go on strike that will show them not to fuck with hamburger flippers

Anonymous said...

Demosleazeballs still pimping their "identity politics" special interest scam groups.

How'd that work for ya' Democrats on Nov 8th?

Anonymous said...

Lets get real! Damn near every customer in Kansas City goes through the drive through and has to repeat their fucking order several times, wait for an unacceptable amount of time and then you can almost bet they will fuck up the order at least half the time. If these losers can not get hamburgers right $100.00 an hour wouldn't help what is wrong with them. You shit heels get and education, improve your skill set and maybe you can figure out how to make a buck. Take a break from snorting coke, smoking pot, drinking Bud light and beating your old ladies and get a fucking clue. People who make the money generally do so for a reason. Ponder what they are doing and take charge of your own damn worlds.

Anonymous said...

i have a more positive impression of these young workers. most of them seem pretty earnest to me.

and it's a good thing to be working for mcdonalds or another outfit that provides training.

but at $15, we'll be talking to a robot or ordering on our phones in line.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Absolutely right @5:24!

Anonymous said...

There are no laws keeping businesses from paying more money. The protests are stupid. If you want burger joints and the like to pay more- then protest them. Stupid is As stupid does.
Two ways to protest:
1- Picket in front of businesses that pay low.
2. Don't go to low wage businesses. This means no Mcdonalds, no Dollar Stores or other stores that don't pay well.
The leaders of these protests - their thinking is so crooked they could hide in the shadow of a cork screw. The protesters- throw your safety pins away as they are intended for babies' diapers- either way safety pins are near things that are full of shit.

Crazy Clown said...

NO I Don't support their pathetic protest !!!

They aren't skilled at anything, nor have / hold any Professional licenses and they are not in a Danger Zone !

The most money I ever made per Hour, was $375.00 an Hour, with over time over 8 hours !!

NO that's is NOT a Typo either !!!

But I am a professional licensed trade with over 25 years in the business and at that time I was working in a Danger Zone !!

and I did NOT seek that Job out, they seeked me out and found me, and made me the offer !

Those Naïve kids from the inner city have been brain washed and Dumbed down by the Pathetic Liberal educational system is the problem, that and some just have no scruples to begin with !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I is but yet nothing min wage. The tonsillitis Prez done yet me nothing wrong. I am, of intellect. But thou wage under $10- is da fair not and
That is wrong- like wrong number . My Ebonics skillsto help gain cause my boss- he ain't but yet nothing wrong. The protests- whom they are my friends- back pay vacation from protest. Self educated as bet yet nothing wrong!!! Me unto college- et el- force wage.