Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kansas City Faith Blogging Political Change

Local newsman legend Bill Tammeus imagines the end of the status quo and dreams of life without two party system hegemony. Take a look: What will replace our national political parties? 11-10-16


chuck said...

"Now, in his victory, Trump has crashed the GOP into a sea of fear, of xenophobia, of racial and religious hatred. Somehow the party lost control of itself and allowed this narcissistic, revengeful, sexually abusive, climate-change denying man to blow it up."

The usual leftist agitprop cant, cloaked in a faux ecclesiastical moral authority that is as valid as the Main Stream Media's claims of "Objectivity". Moral shaming, virtue signaling, faux humility from our local high priest in the Democratic Cathedral is no less Narcissistic and abusive to those who disagree with Billy's Progressive Narrative.

Anonymous said...

"This demolition of the parties in an election driven by social media memes and disinformation (leading to the Disunited States of America) grieves me because in an often-overlooked way, the two parties have been vehicles for moral value."

I don't know what planet this guy is from but thinking that political parties have anything to do with moral value is ridiculous. Political parties are entities devoted to power and money. They stake out positions based on their ability to wring money and voters from their constituencies. Politicians are just plain evil, they play in a game where evil usually wins.

Anonymous said...

Religion is politics. Both should be banished.

Anonymous said...

GOP Whitehouse
GOP Senate
GOP House
Majority GOP Governors
And this moron says BOTH parties are in trouble. I don't think so.