Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kansas City End Of Obamacare Hard Times

Local report on one of many families impacted by rapidly approaching end of a controversial healthcare plan: One Family's Growing Worry: Paying For Their Child's Cancer Care In A Post-ACA World


chuck said...

Obama Care was never about Health Care. It was always about the transfer of wealth from makers to takers that vote Democrat.

How could anyone think, that Health care would be better under Government supervision?

If you stop a hundred cars in the streets and ask the folks in those cars if they like Veterans, they would, Republican, Democrat and Independent with very, very few exceptions all say that they like, or even love our veterans and want them to have great Health Care.

So, before the bill was ever signed, right in front of our faces, right here in our laps, right here for all to see, was the sub standard (Still to this day.), inefficient, government run Health Care system, that flat out did not work and was rife with scandal and the usual bureaucratic blunders that accompany 100% of all Government agencies. So, the lying, criminal Democrat Party, lied and lied and lied about "keeping your doctor", "keeping your health plan", "lower premiums", "savings", "lower deductibles" etc. etc. and we they passed a bill, that not one fuckin Democrat could even read or understand, which, led us into this disaster.

To top it off, the architect of the bill, Johnathan Gruber, is on film, bragging about how he and the President and Democrats lied to get it passed.

It was ALWAYS about the transfer of wealth from those who work for a living in the private sector, handing over free money to those who VOTE FOR A LIVING FOR CORRUPT DEMOCRATS.

Now, the media, will cue up anecdotal story after story about how evil Trump is for not continuing the insanity.

Anonymous said...

Just aother fucking stopry Toneeee posts to perpetuate the prevailing libtard negativity.

Trump has already said several key things on this issue:

1) The conversion to the new healthcare plan will be pretty much seamless

2) The plan will provide better healthcare than Obamacare

3) Cost to poor people will be less.

You libtards just keep spinning the same fucking lies and bullshit like a bunch of bitter little disturbed children. As usual, the truth plays no part in the crapola you preach to the stupid dregs who not only buy into your bullshit, but allow you to scare the shit out of them. Your fucktards just remember that when you get done being negative, destructive little ass holes you are going to have to sleep in your own shit. Fear that!

Anonymous said...

Makers to takers. What an ignorant fucktard view of the world. I am a 'maker' and I know a lot of 'makers' and most of them are definately by far the biggest 'takers' by any measure. Using public resources they don't want to pay for, paying littel if any taxes for those resources. Giving the least they can to their employees and hoarding their resources for their lazy fucking families. Making as little as possible while taking as much as possible. Ethical, egalitarian business ownership went out the door decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Trump killed your economy and you helped. Him.

Sorry about that.