Monday, November 07, 2016

Kansas City Election Eve News Links Tonight

Tonight we focus on Democracy, Liberty, hotness and the local mainstream media news cycle . . .

TKC Told You So: Freebies Tomorrow!!!
KCATA Offering Free Rides To The Polls On Election Day
Lesson In Kansas City Transit Fear
Do you know who drives the bus your child takes to school?
Golden Ghetto Democracy Assurances
Election commissioner: Security steps make vote fraud unlikely
Crowded Kansas City Ballot
Busiest polling locations in the Kansas City metro
Kansas City Glory Days Gone
Royals Decline Luke Hochevar's Option
Obamacare Sadness In Perfect Village
Bruce Smith Drugs temporarily closes in Prairie Village
Fear Cowtown Future Foodies
Paw Paws And Robots: Dining In Kansas City In The Year 2046
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Anonymous said...

"KCATA Offering Free Rides To The Polls On Election Day"

So given that it is not illegal to pitch candidates on a bus anyone want to bet that libtard campaigners have already been arranged to be on the buses pitching Democratic candidates????

Anonymous said...

Bruce Smith Drugs is an overpriced crappy Golden Ghetto Snob place to shop. Paybacks are a bitch for screwing people over on prices over the years.

Anonymous said...

bruce smith was a neighborhood place that was super friendly in the old days.

it'll be a loss.

Anonymous said...

my cock got harder and seemed a bit fatter in the old days.

it is indeed a loss.

i sure miss it.