Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kansas City Blogger Against Bannon

Background from MSM . . . WSJ: Donald Trump Draws Criticism Over Steve Bannon Appointment . . . And here's Kansas City faith writer and blogger Bill Tammeus offering his take on the topic: A Trump appointment to worry Jews, others: 11-16-16


Anonymous said...

Suck it up whiners and cry babies!

chuck said...

Obama went to a church, for most of his adult life, where his pastor exclaimed loudly and frequently, "GOD DAMN AMERICA!!!" along with the usual black supremacist cant you hear from Louis Farrakhan on a regular basis. Just yesterday, Obama gave a speech, filled with the usual condescension, narcissism, excuses and "look at me" bullshit that included a paean to multiculturalism which mentioned Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Women and Native Americans. This recurring leitmotif from our Progressive/Fascist enemies (Make no mistake, they are ENEMIES.), seems to miss the point, that the combination of all of the aforementioned would outnumber those so, so, so evil white males by a YUGE percentage.

If Black power is ok, so is white power.

If Brown power is ok, so is white power.

If identity politics are ok for the goose, it is ok for goose stepping gander muthfukkers.

If Eric fuckin-black-panther Holder, can be Attorney General of the entire US, than Bannon can work in the Oval Office.

The sun has set on the expiration date of ANY and ALL racist legislation, such as "Affirmative Action" et al, that requires whites to go to the back of the line for jobs, admissions, money etc. etc. etc. Discrimination against white people, by way of the color of their skin is racist.

Trump's daughter is fucking married to a JEWISH guy and has JEWISH children. The pretense, by shills like Billy Tammy that Trump will support and encourage discrimination against Jews is a flat out lie and a fabrication from the left that not only has zero merit, but illustrates the corruption of the media and the Progressive/Fascist ideology which is based on affection, emotion and hysteria as opposed to facts.

Maybe Billy Tammy needs to show us on a doll, where the mean old Trump supporters hurt him.

They say shit rolls downhill said...

Faith matters only to those who have it. Sorry Bill, but I can find hundreds of issues in what you have said and your views on things in the past. So does that mean you need to be closely monitored here? Do we need to have ready the means to lash out at you if you say or do something we deem to not be Holy Correct? When you live in a glass house careful who you throw stones at.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill. Since when has your reedy little voice been at all relevant?

Bob said...

It's all BS and leftist propaganda. A close friend, who his an orthodox Jew, says Bannon is as far from anti-Semitic as you can get. Hasn't anybody learned yet, you can't trust the media to report anything but leftist spin?

Anonymous said...

Tammeus lost all credibility with repeating these totally baseless accusations. He's about as Christian as Jeremiah Wright.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bob. I feel so much better knowing that your one jewish friend says Bannon isn't a Nazi. Of course, Trump could have easily avoided the entire issue had he simply condemned the piece of shit known as david duke in the first place. The fact is he wanted the support of such folk (volk).

Anonymous said...

Race-Baiter, Cop-Hater Al NOT-SO-SHARPton's fat mouth has been a fixture at the Hatin' On Whitey House throughout B.O.'s two terms. Al, the lousy liar of the Tawana Brawley FIB FAME, Hands Up Don't Shoot CHARADE, I Can't Breathe BULLSH*T, is permitted to mumble incessant hateration on MSNBC and everywhere he slithers.


Anonymous said...

11:01 keep repeating the same innuendo and hoping someone believes it. Brannon was the assistant of Andrew Breitbart, a proud Jew. Alan Dershowitz, Jew, leftist and Harvard law professor, says the charges are baseless. Trump did condemn David Duke, while Hillary took $20K from a California KKK leader and called former KKK member Robert Byrd a mentor. Go peddle you snake oil elsewhere.

Bob said...

My error, it was Pamela Geller, who is a Zionist but not a rabbi. But her article was published on Breitbart, not in Rolling Stone, so to Lefties it's invisible.

Anonymous said...

Al, Jesse, and Louis make Duke look like a choirboy.
One-sided smear campaigns aren't going over easily.

Telling half the story is a mistake made by Clinton's veep pick. We saw Kaine talk up his Catholic faith and his Jesuit education connection while repeatedly horn-tooting only positive tunes about both. We heard plenty from him about mission service he did in Honduras and touting other outreach currently performed by Jesuits.

We heard nothing from Tim about the Jesuits who wouldn't hold pedo priests accountable with church leaders who protected perps, in various regions of Latin America. Following immense pressures, several prosecutions were done, coincidental to timing of the current pope's vetting while he headed up the largest diocese in Argentina.

Hint for Bill (and all Biblebots): Telling the two sides (99% guaranteed there's at least 2 sides to each point) would garner far more respect and reception.

Anonymous said...

Its not like there aren't more sides out there, but the guy running this blog just can not force himself to be objective and set aside his personal issues.