Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kansas City Anti-Crime Leader Mourns The Loss Of Her Son Amid 2016 Murder Spike

With respect to the horrific tragedy this local leader has endured . . . This group has confronted criticism for their constant anti-gun advocacy and ineffectiveness of their strategy given the current spike in murders and the upward trend in KCMO homicides. Still, her story remains a powerful testament to so many survivors of deadly crime on local streets: Rosilyn Temple reflects, prays on 5th anniversary of son's killing


Anonymous said...

To be a "leader" a person needs both to be accomplishing something and have some followers.
This person has neither.
Follow the money and count up the TV face time.
And she's only one of many dozens who KCMO makes believe is part of working against violence and homicides.
111 murders so far this year and it's only late November.
That's pretty much all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Attention and sympathy seeking ho

Anonymous said...

With a name like Pee-Wee, we knew he was headed down the wrong path. Next time pick a noble name and marry the father. Good examples and relationships start at home. Maybe he would have chosen better, more mature friends that would value his life rather than snuff it out. It's really about choices.