Thursday, November 24, 2016

JoCo Season of Internets Stealing

Golden Ghetto online grifters abound and this report reminds us that transactions on among suburbanite also remain uncertain and scary. Here's a warning about trusting people online: 3 arrested after Craigslist sale goes wrong in Overland Park


Anonymous said...

hmmm????? let me guess. Amish?

Anonymous said...


Super Dave said...

Come on people if you're going to do transactions with people from Craiglsit meet them in the parking lot of your local police dept or in a location where you know there are good cameras working and a firearm on your hip or a buddy standing there with a shotgun. As well have someone go along who can record the subjects and the car they are in. Sucks to have to do business like this but the thugs leave us no choice. You can thank our non working justice system for that.