Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Jeff Roe & Company Claim Trump Polling Success Despite Ted Cruz Demise

The polling company is a separate entity but it's still part of Axiom . . . This TV report assumes that most local newswatchers don't know much about politics. Which isn't an unsafe bet. Take a peek: KC-based polling company among few to call Trump's win


Anonymous said...

Objective political science beats pundit bullshit anytime.

JoCoPost said...

Jeff Roe is a loser, trying desperately to reinvent himself.

He worked for Ted Cruz. He stole Iowa for Cruz from Trump--by making lying phone calls to R. primary voters, falsely claiming that Ben Carson had "dropped out of the race", (when he was just traveling home briefly) and inferring or implying (I never know which is which) that Carson was endorsing Ted Cruz. Which he was not.

After Trump secured the nomination, and voters realized just how squirrely and unlikeable Ted Cruz was, the other Cruz operative was hired by Fox News as a commentator. Jeff Roe was not. He skulked home to Clay County.

In the past, Jeff Roe LOST the election for BiState II, where he and the late Pat Gray hustled $3 million in fees for the campaign and polling, from the rich millionaires and society matrons and stadium owners trying to fleece the public.

Then Roe LOST the election for Big Soccer, where he worked for the Cerner boys, and the Hunts, trying once again to fleece the public to build a free privately owned soccer stadium and training facility, claiming it was all just "for the children."

Now here's a question--regarding today's story. If Jeff Roe picked one bellweather county per state to do his forecasting, which one did he pick for Missouri and which one did he pick for Kansas? Just curious.

Mahoney, please ask him. It's not like Roe will be too busy to take your phone call!!! Tho he's probably calling Mike Shanin right now, peddling this story of him as a "great pollster".

Buyer and listener beware.