Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Jackson County Return Trip For Suspect In Accused Of Killing Independence, MO Mom In Front Of Her Kids Amid Road Rage Shooting

Fox4 posts the update mugshot and the latest deets on this homicide case among angry, gun-toting local middle-class denizens. Take a look: Suspect in Independence road rage murder returns to Jackson County after being arrested in South Dakota


Anonymous said...

It isn't him damn it! It was the gun. Just ask Hilliary. She is an expert on these things.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Jean,always asking for praise..what about the other 50 killers that aren't in custody?!?

This guy was handed to her on a silver platter,by his family.Even if he wasn't,he didn't have a chance of getting away!

Cut the goddamn shit , Bitch..Go get the other 50 KILLER'S and God know's how many robbery,assault,rape,etc perps are still walking around,probably not even trippin on getting caught..

What a shithead woman!!!!