Tuesday, November 15, 2016


This report looks at local intolerance and FBI numbers that also include threats against diverse faith communities. Checkit: Hate crimes in the Kansas City metro took a sharp rise in 2015


Anonymous said...

Leave the fucking Hawaiian's alone!!
They are a peaceful people, Damnit..

Anonymous said...

Did you know that if ALL White violence against all races were to end, total violent crime wouls drop by three-tenths of one percent?




Anonymous said...

By "hate crime" do you mean black-on-white violence? Because that is astronomical. Ask Jeffrey McDonald.

Anonymous said...

Given the stats in the US as a whole, blacks must really hate each other

Jeffrey McDonald said...

Shut the fuck up.

Total bullshit from our "Thought Leaders" on the left.

Anonymous said...

Since the libtards have got it where white on black crime is a hate crime but the out of control black on white crime is not. So we really need to know if the rise in "hate crimes" is disproportional to the rise in violent crimes. Fact is hate crimes are not rising any more than crimes period, bit this is what happens when you have a bunch of pandering ass holes manipulating the system and playing semantics.

Anonymous said...

Who has a better chance of survival - a black man walking around in Town Center or a white man walking down Prospect? Hate crimes are an tiny amount of crimes involving innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

Tom Dempsey needs to learn how to do math.
Eleven(42-31=11) more crimes in a year is not a 60% increase.

Another reformed news caster skewing the facts.
He must be following the NY Times.