Saturday, November 26, 2016

Golden Ghetto Recount Fun Fact: Hillary Clinton Stays Losing Johnson County!!!

Let's take a look at "data driven reporting" that doesn't really matter in a profoundly Red State. Additionally, don't forget that this "trend" noting an uptick in Hillary votes didn't translate to any of the other down ballot elections where the Democrats were still OVERWHELMINGLY rejected. Jay Sidie didn't even come close despite millions of Democratic Party dollars and an endorsement from Prez Obama.

Still, here's not so important "journalism" inspired by our favorite KCMO alt-publication that mostly takes their cues from blogs nowadays: "Johnson County's education level is similar to that of San Francisco and counties with large college towns. Accordingly, it made the list of counties with a Clinton surge. Clinton lost to Trump by 2.7 percentage points, a big improvement over Obama, who four years ago was routed in Johnson County by 17.4 percentage points."

Read more: Why did Hillary Clinton do relatively well in Johnson County? College diplomas


Anonymous said...

The education thing was a myth perpetuated by the Democrats and press, apparently in an attempt to find some complete morons to vote for Hilliary. Add to it that the liberals polls specifically targeted least educated whites and of course we already know how accurate that was - another case of liberals believing their own bullshit. However, there were a tremendous number of blue collar Trump supported and record numbers of minorities voting GOP. The cuban voters in Florida really shook things up by swinging hard towards Trump and hispanics in general voted much heavier for Trump than predicted. Blue collar turned out heavily in Pennsylvania and Ohio, likely do the the appeal of the Trump jobs message., The fact is Hilliary seemed to do better in urban areas in most of the country - probably more due to the diversity given that you seldom see a black guy behind a plow. As far as Johnson county? It doesn't matter a lot when you consider that the whole state of Kansas has less voters than the Dallas metro.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

They can count all they want
The reason she is simple: democrats have moved en mass to three regions in the country, more likely because they watched the tv show "friends " and wNted real life to be that way
So while you liberals keep asking each other how they lost, the rest of us will keep going on and laughing at you

Anonymous said...

Conservatives love the re-count as pre big data indicates the count will get marginally worse for Clinton and this will put more salt in the gaping wounds of lobs. It is the hope of pseudo intellects everywhere that voted for the Clinton machine that although this won't change anything- that a few more votes will help poor Hilary from driving off a cliff with a good portion of her entourage following.
As Big Data recalculates and confirms that The Trump victory- dead tree media will follow in the recent purge of liberal writers as realization of their loss of subscribers can be tied to the same liberal perpetrators that lied for 8 years with Obama and saw no quantifiable changes and reversal of the poor-rich divide.
Please help hasten the change to sanity by writing to your local newspaper and demanding real change and the eradication of editorial boards as Sociak Media has supplanted any imagined need of paid opinions.
For any liberals still in denial of the election - please feel free to purchase all the mirrors in the works so you can see what's wrong- and double down on buying and wearing all the safety pins in the world so long as they help you to feel better. It is suggested you can get rich by buying Johnson & Johnson stock as they will soon be working overtime starting January 20 to help supply all the Kleenexes currently being used by the crybabies the liberal media have shown the losers to be.
As for the rest of us- we have cut out all the old columns of Mary, Yael and Barb and are using them to level off our TVs as we watch Trump "Make America Great Again!"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Spot on:8:19 !

Anonymous said...

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