Saturday, November 05, 2016


Consequences of bickering on social media prove disastrous for this local former lawman. "The Overland Park Police Department immediately launched an investigation into the post when the victim reported it. During an investigation by the department's Professional Standards Unit, it was found that the suspect did make the post and the department immediately fired him."

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Former Overland Park officer charged with criminal threat for Facebook comment


Anonymous said...

He erroneously thought that just because he was an OP officer he could do whatever he wanted and was above the law.

That only extends to OP residents.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Jealous much?

Anonymous said...

Glazer threatens people all the time and nothing happens. Didn't that Wilson creep threaten Tony that time on here going to have his union thug buddies beat his ass. If your ole lady is fat and can't sing that's not a reason to communicate you're going to have someone beat up.

Anonymous said...

Lock those racist pigs up!

Anonymous said...

No.... lock those racist NIGGERS up!!! Beyonce killed 5 cops in front of the entire country and that's O.K. ????

But you NIGGERS will sure call those (so called pigs) when you're in trouble.....PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

11/5/16, 6:59 AM, I've lived in OP for decades on and off depending on where my career took me.

I've never seen a sense of entitlement greater than that of OPKS. Maybe it is the nu-money or the fact that there is such an income gap but you don't see that level of shit-headedness.

Hell I lived in LaJolla (North San Diego County Suburbs) and people were laid back and had a little bit of class. I've lived in Westchester County NY and people didn't act like that.

I'm just one guy but that's been my experiences. And I moved to JOCO all the way back when you drove down 119 there was one stoplight on state line, one stoplight on roe and one stoplight at "old metcalf".

If it wasn't so convenient I would have never moved back there and would have picked Briarcliff or Cleveland/Lloch Lloyd or Raymore instead.

Anonymous said...

Id be interesed in what all kind of shit she was publicly spewing ,no doubt ,spewing racist ,violent garbage about the slain officers.NO FUCKING DOUBT!

The cop did rument there But we all have our breaking point,and like i say.Im sure she was taking her free speech past the limit as well.

Shit talking black mother fucker..Fuck You.

Anonymous said...

The officer went just a hair across the line. The prosecution still has to prove his intent. Better be asking for a jury on this one.