Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fear Kansas City Facebook ID Theft

Lots of target locals lately as hackers attempt to garner more online info in a scheme that's usually very short-lived and obvious but still scary enough to worry your mom. Take a look: Facebook social media scam could lead to identity theft


Crazy Clown said...


Stupid FACEBOOK is mainly for Degenerate Communist Pathetic Disgusting Lib'Tards !!

Mark Zuckerberg pushs FAKE NEWS upon the Naïve ignorant clueless YOUTH that cling to that Pathetic phony App, known as FACEBOOK .

Jack Dorseys TWITTER is NO BETTER its run by another Communist Liberal pathetic Degenerate scumbag cockroach as well !!!!

Anonymous said...

Generations of morons running to Facebook so they can see whose shit they have to repost in order to remain their friend....Jesus! I dumped that crap 5 years go and now actually have time to do my laundry and but Tony's balls.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend lying about certain things, like your current address and especially your date of birth. I am amazed that this is not more identity theft, considering how people spill their guts on Facebook. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE, FOLKS!