Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Doggie Dead In Kansas City Blaze

This link is just as important as any other amid a slew of Kansas City news that's not quite important as newsies start cranking out holiday content. Checkit: Dog dies in fire, family escapes from the Kansas City home


chuck said...

Why, baby Jesus, Why, does the dog have to die?


A fire, an unexpected tool, weapon, in search of a variable, that guides us all to a truth that in undeniable.

That weapon, aimed, 180 out, killed the dog.

Anonymous said...

So sad that pup died, but priorities are to get humans out alive and well. Who knows, the critter may have hidden and then became trapped behind noxious fumes or deadly flames.

Anonymous said...

"Boy, all yore lil' sistahs prolly not gonna fo'give ya. Ah sed go back 'n git dat damn dog."

"Mama, I thought you sed git dat Mad Dog."

"Well, 'lease it's half full. Pass dat so's ah kin tip one to ol' Barky."

Disclaimer: No bias of any kind is intended. In fact, this actually happened when Mrs. Hatfield and her McCoy stepson had another of their frequent misunderstandings. Mrs. Hatfield's teeth are mostly missing, and she always dips yuuuge chew while dangling a cig from the left side of her, no, right side, uh, gosh darn Granny tells it different than cousin Clem.