Monday, November 14, 2016

Democratic Party Doesn't Understand Kansas

This screed against national Democratic Party election efforts offers some great perspective for flyover country politics . . . However, respectfully, Kansas Democrats don't really have a handle over the state either given their constant election FAIL for more than a generation amid an obsession with education complaining at the expense of talk on jobs an crony capitalism. Still, a great read: Kansas and middle America still a puzzle for national Democrats


Anonymous said...

Only those who don't live in Kansas can't understand it. Deal with it and leave us alone you damn Yael loving haters.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have become the party of the Elitists and Globalists. Look at a map by county of the 2016 Electoral map. The Dem's primary areas are the Left Coast and the Northeast. They've lost the rest of the country because they've abandoned the Middle Class.

Anonymous said...

Elitist is right, and until they stop thinking that the Midwest as a whole is flyover country, they will never get it.