Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dead Tree Media Trumpets Kansas City Crossroads Real Estate Deal

Marketing material from one of the most talented mainstream media newsies in Kansas City now stuck doing promotional work for developers. Take a peek: A Crossroads apartment high-rise, once on the brink of peril, back on track again


Anonymous said...

She'd be back on the brink of peril once the boons start moving in.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Stupid. You can't afford it either way.

Anonymous said...

Only if its subsidized. The obscenity that is 2 Light is overwhelming, million dollar condos that pay basically no taxes. But we have to pay fire and police and street crews to support free loading 2 Light dwellers and your pathetic Council and mayor approved it.

Anonymous said...

8:32 I can not only afford it I can afford it and have money left over to hire a tranny to bitch slap some sense into your obnoxious mouth.

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when development came with risk and the public wasn't expected to make sure a developer turned a profit.

Anonymous said...

Government and big business just sees the lower and middle class as piggy banks. Our purpose is to make sure they stay rich and don't lose money at the risk of screwing ourselves financially.

Listen to this sentence: We give tax breaks to people like Cordish and Hyatt to make things financially easier for them yet the city doesn't hesitate to raise our taxes making things MORE difficult for us (see the mid-continent library tax this past election).

Seems fair, right? We give all these tax breaks to big business yet our tax burdens go up just about every election.

We can only blame ourselves. We keep putting these crooks in office. And just about every time the city puts a tax initiative on the ballot, we approve it. Libraries are already supposed to be covered with our current taxes. Yet we've diverted so much TIF dollars to private development that the city has a deficit to make up and elects to fuck over the lower and middle classes with tax HIKES to make up for it.

Corruption at the highest level.