Friday, November 04, 2016

Craig Talks Kansas City Weekend Comedy

Quick note from our pal Craig . . .

Craig Glazer: Colin Kane Is Insane At New Stanfords Comedy Club: Legends, Village West.

The popular Tom Brady look alike, Colin Kane is opening the new Stanford and Sons Comedy Club at Legends tonight and Saturday. Kane best known for his co starring role in hit movie 'The Wedding Ringer' with Kevin Hart and his Showtime and HBO specials with Andrew Dice Clay. Kane also hosted Showtimes AVN Awards. He is an over the top aggressive insult comic. So much so we have security on stage to protect him from anyone who gets a bit upset...the crowds love it and he is so damn funny everyone forgives his pushy ways. Of course a Johnny Dare 'fav' and will be on tons of media this morning. He always packs the clubs and theaters he plays nationwide.

Thank you Joyce Smith and the Kansas City Star for nice opening article for Stanfords moving to the Legends, Village West on Wednesday. She had nice photos and more in her 913 column. The new Stanfords is next to Dave and Busters at Legends. Yes we were in same spot from 2007-2014 before our move to Overland Park, due to a huge takeover at Legends. Now they brought us back. They built what most believe is the nicest comedy club/theater of its size in the nation. It' Vegas style. You will love the huge stage, movie seats and beautiful large theater with outdoor patio bars as well. Come check us out.

Upcoming shows include Dante and Rebekah, Michael Steven Quesada 'Breaking Bad,' Kevin Farley, Chris' brother star of I am Chris Farley and his new hit show "Still The King' with Billy Ray shows include Michael Winslow 'Police Academy' and " Josh Wolf his own show on CMT as well as the beautiful April Macie for New Years. We love big holiday banquets. For information and tix, 913 400 7500 or online Come see us.


Anonymous said...

Stupid Dave will be in the front row Sat night,Glaze.
Say's he want's to see if he can get Colin to insult
the fuck outta him .Say's he's got a plan to get Colin
so riled up ,by insulting him back.Saying shit about
his mom and sister or whatever it takes to make him
go over the edge and take a poke at him(stupid),that is.
then he plan's on filing a lawsuite against you and your
club.Think's he's got it all figured out.Hey this is
real talk man!! The dude is out to get you. i know ,
What a snake,right..Fair warning ,Craig..

Love your club and your posts,here on TKC.Very funny stuff!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^You're more pathetic than Glazer and thats really pathetic.