Thursday, November 03, 2016

Costly Sign Of Johnson County Trump Support

Another story of Golden Ghetto Trump loyalty that defines local life as we slouch toward the election . . .

Take a look at the price local JoCo enthusiasts are willing to pay in order to back their candidate:

KSHB: Roeland Park homeowner keeps Trump yard signs despite facing heavy fine

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

local newspaper not publishing the news.

Anonymous said...

Go Fund Me? I'd be happy to donate.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When trump takes office I’d like to see these Executive Orders:

#1. Anyone on EBT will be required to work a 50 hour week.
#2. All NGO’s who bring in third world immigrants, (invaders) to be shut down.
#3. All Affirmative Action programs shut down, if you want a job you must be qualified.
#4. All Section 8 housing programs to be terminated. Want a house get a job.
#5. Illegals to be deported, reentry into the USA again is a capital offense.
#6. Any corporation that moved jobs out of the USA, can no longer sell their products here.
#7. BLM to be declared a terrorist organization and its leaders and participants arrested.
#8. Attacks on whites to be hate crimes and prosecuted as same.
#9. Protesters blocking roadways can be shot or run over legally.
#10. Anyone convicted of obtaining welfare benefits fraudulently to be executed.
#11. Racial quotas for colleges to be terminated.
#12. Deportation of all third world immigrants.
#13. All Islamic immigrants to be deported.
#14. Mosques to be declared areas of enemy activity.

Anonymous said...

#15. Byron jailed for fraud and theft.

Anonymous said...

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