Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Whilst I'm sure he's a nice guy and well deserving of some kind of prize (who isn't?) . . . This Kansas City biz community award reminds us that the corporate elite running this town have very little regard for the lives and or adventures of everyday people on local streets. The bright side is this lack of working-class concern is that the the favor is usually returned in the era of social media where everybody with a phone is the center of their own universe.

Nevertheless, not so long ago . . . This honor was once a big deal:

KC Biz Journal: The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce selected a familiar name for its Kansas Citian of the Year. The chamber honored Donald Hall Jr. at its annual dinner on Tuesday.

Congratulations are in order for this achievement that still doesn't change the fact of that most experts are skeptical about the fate of the nation's economy despite well-deserved biz community excitement over the incoming Administration.

Either way and once again . . . None of this matters to the average Kansas City denizen more concerned with poultry and sporting events over the next few days.

Hopefully, more BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate and good stuff for the morning update: STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

disagree that this used to be a big deal.

it's only a big deal to the same old group of people who use kansas city as their personal piggy bank. the chamber is the biggest part of what's wrong with our city and their influence is rightfully ignored.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of him. is the guy who used to play back up bass for the Dave Brubeck quartet?

Anonymous said...

"...the corporate elite running this town have very little regard for the lives and or adventures of everyday people on local streets." Nothing could be less accurate when it comes to the Hall family; they have done and continue to do many good things for the "everyday people" of KC.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good boy Junior!

KC Taxpayer said...

The Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce lives and breaths by robbing Kansas City blind.

Whatever charity they support is a pittance compared to the billions they siphon from City Hall in tax breaks and sweetheart deals. Their little prizes are nothing more than a distraction from their core business: Crony Capitalism

Anonymous said...

cynicism aside, that family has been a gift to kc.

Anonymous said...

While the Hall family has done a lot of good for KC 1:39 got it right about the Chamber. Rob from the taxpayer then give them a few crumbs back with massive publicity and you have their M.O.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Clay Chastain. While the Chamber let Union Station fall apart in decline, Clay petitioned to save it. Crown Center waited to get control of it. Helling and Kraske won't acknowledge this, but
"that's the fact, Jack!"