Thursday, November 03, 2016

Clay Chastain Supporters Tout Controversial Kansas City Light Rail Question #3 Image

Like it or not, Clay Chastain has a great many supporters in Kansas City but they're not exactly ready for prime time even if he's the only guy to ever win a citywide fixed rail vote in the modern era. 

Accordingly, check this offensive yet somewhat funny cartoon sent our way featuring the light rail activist targeting Mayor Sly James and supposedly paid for by "Senior Sanchez" which should make more delicate souls angry.

Nope, this isn't a false flag given that the source recently sent a more conventional political persuasion.

Anyhoo . . . It takes a lot to offend us and this doesn't do the trick. It's a silly lark that probably won't persuade many voters . . . In a few days we'll see if Clay Chastain can do better.

You decide . . .