Saturday, November 26, 2016

Celebrate More Main St. Cash

Local politicos love to talk about turning this path into something more than an urban highway with hobo rest stops. Sadly, it never seems to happen. Maybe this time will be different: Big plans afoot to continue Main Street improvements


Anonymous said...

So Johnson thinks tha the Max will be taken off of Main and the streetcar will go down the center of the street. It will take 20 minutes more for me to get to work on that "Fast Streetcar. The Max takes 14 minunets from the Plaza fountain to city hall. Somebody should give medical treatment to these brainaic simpletons. A frontal lobotomy might help.

Mr. Stoplights said...

Just remember that every time you get behind the wheel and drive in Missouri that I own your pathetic sorry asses. Keep paying your road taxes to my coffers every time you fill up in MO. I deserve a pay raise for being so smart. Who else besides me has the power to make you sit at a red light needlessly while not even being near you?

I am so smart and cool...

And I know that none of you will ever do anything about me.