Friday, November 18, 2016

Breaking Bad Standup In Kansas City

Pic that we took last year and weekend plans from our pal Craig:

Breaking Bad Hits Stanfords Comedy Stage: Steven Michael Quezada

It was one of the most popular television series of the past decade, 'Breaking Bad.' Ono of its regular co stars was a latino comic, Steven Michael Quezada, he became Agent Gomez DEA on the show. What many didn't know until that great part on the smash hit series, he was a fine stand up comic. Quezada has been on Arsenio, HBO's Latino Laugh Festival and tons of movies including the comedy Beerfest.

Michael will be at Stanfords this weekend with another outstanding talent from Australia, Tim Bateman. Tim is a softer Jim Jefferies with that great accent the ladies love and men like to imitate at the bar. Bateman makes his home in Arizona today but his daughter lives right here in KC so he is stopping in for a visit with her and Stanfords this week.

Stanfords has moved to the Legends at Village West. The club is next to Dave and Busters. With its Las Vegas styled theater it may be the nations nicest comedy venue today. Check it out on were you can also order tickets to shows coming up for the holidays. Yes we still do big holiday banquets and groups at Stanfords/Legends. Upcoming holiday comedy stars include Kevin Farley, "I Am Chris Farley" and CMT's number one tv series 'Still The King'" with Billy Ray Cyrus...Michael Winslow the star of all 7 Police Academy films and now Shark Week. Josh Wolf from the Josh Wolf Show and Chelsea, for New Years Eve the beautiful April Macie, Amy Schumer before she was Amy Schumer. You can call the club for tickets and information 913 400 7500. For Thanksgiving week its Brad Ellis, Cop Turned Comic, HBO 21.


Anonymous said...

Now this is a business that Trump just will never be able to get rid of. So Toneeee wont have to give up his free admission, meals and drinks.

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Wow you are a good looking guy. I mean the Glazer. Nice picture.

Public Service Announcement said...

^^^^^^^^A Glazer fake post about himself. No decent woman would say that about him when he has been known to call women cunts.