Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Kansas City Tuesday Night Look

Victoria's Secret Angels inspire this late night contemplation of some of the slightly important Kansas City news this evening. Take a look:

Kansas City Murder Debate
Kansas City police leaders disagree on how to stop increasing bloodshed
Late Night Local Wreck Report
Injury crash shuts down westbound I-70 near Odessa
Aftermath Of Explosion Near Kansas City
Large fire north of KCI after reported pipeline explosion
Football Celebration Continues
Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill revels in coming-out party
Kansas City Front Porch Fund
Find out how to support Union Station
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Crazy Clown said...

Why do we need to Support Union Station ??

Can't it Support itself ???

Possibly if KCMO had a decent City Body that didn't waste Tax Payer dollars on foolish silly projects, union station would be self sufficient.

Then again, KCMO is a Dysfunctional bunch at City Hall, they are inept & incompetent to the core !!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad but union station can't support itself and it never will.

Anonymous said...

Is there some collective Alzheimer going on here?

Anonymous said...


Taylor and Josephine negotiate a merger/swap agreement!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn, no wonder the Sioux don't want a pipeline running through the rez.

Anonymous said...

Before that idiot Cleaver bought into that dumb crap Science City there was an idea to turn the Station into a huge party, casino, dining and small shop complex with a roaring twenties theme. Too bad no one saw the idea as credible.