Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another Kansas City Tuesday News Link Fix

Liz Marxs and Ali Rose inspire us to look under the hood and get into gear with a Kansas City mainstream media news compilation highlighting most of the important topics of the day reported by mainstream media. Take a peek:

Kansas City Season Of Stealing
Package thefts, crime concerns lead many to buy security cameras
Settling Law Enforcement Suspicion
KCK settles lawsuits with police arrested but not charged after a sting
Another Local Native American Protest Inside The Loop Today
KC protesters describe why they stand with tribes against pipeline
Kansas City Football Tragedy
Man shot and killed at Oklahoma City airport is father of KC Chiefs player
Golden Ghetto Nasty Accusations
Girlfriend turns in boyfriend after she finds flash drive of disturbing pictures at his Kansas home
Cerner Risk Grows Even Greater
Cerner proposes additional $35 million dollar expansion - KSHB.COM
No Cash For Kansas Road Work
KDOT cancels more projects amid state's budget crisis
Tragic Murder Aftermath Report
KCK investigators rule 4-year-old girl's death a homicide months after she was taken off life support
Show-Me Glass Ceiling Again
For Missouri Women, Professional Licenses Can Be A Barrier To Entry
Celebrate Talk Of Downtown Revival
KC church destroyed by fire is already planning rebound
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Anonymous said...

Not a soul from the Heart of America Indian Center or the American Indian Council, that group of white people that took over the NNACC wasnt there either. I guess since they see no threat any longer by jon obrien they can go back to doing what they do best with their grants and funding, nothing. you "i'm 1/1006th cherokee have taken control again through your rumors and lies and NOTHING will ever get done because no one watches over federally funded 501c3's and there is no one to complain too

Anonymous said...

Cerner gets the same great deals Burns & McDonald gets, they receive Tax breaks, tax abatements and promise Jobs for the local area that will have to shoulder the taxes for them, unfortunately, those jobs offered to the inner city, are architect, high level management jobs, and theyre offered on a first come first served basis to the finest of the fine that the inner city has to offer, but unfortunately, no one has degrees in engineering, no one there are architects or have experience in the high tech, high management field, the ones who have high school diplomas, well, they don't count, the school lost its accreditation, good luck with getting those great jobs in place of the tax breaks. Burns & Macs answer to the need for qualified staff? they use the HB1 program so its a win/win for everyone!! wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

So liberals finally figured out that occupational licenses are harming business. But only women, no man is ever harmed by government sponsored cartels since men could never be victims.