Monday, November 07, 2016

American Royal Deal Hurts Kansas Economy

Op/ed number crunching offers more perspective on the desperate politicos across the State Line who bought this lemon. Take a look: American Royal deal is bad economic policy


Anonymous said...

Balony! The story was written by Michael Austin of the Show Me Institute (Missouri). Now why would a guy complain that Kansas is making a mistake as he watches the American Royal march across the state line? Perhaps he should go watch a NASCAR event and complain about how Kansas cut the number one sport in the nation a deal while we continue to pay on empty St Louis sport stadiums and the remodling of Clark Hunts million dollar living and party quarters at Chief's stadium. Of course we could calk about sputnik art sitting on top of Bartle Hall, 18th and Vine, AThe silly street car and Science City. What gigantic revenue producing draws they are and we haven't even finished burning money on them.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to see cows unless they are naked and doing horrible things.

Anonymous said...

It was for rich people anyway. Regular people had no need for it. The rich can play in usual.