Friday, October 14, 2016

Without Walmart Mission Gateway Relies Upon Luxury Hotels And Upscale Retail

A $180 MILLION project that has been delayed a decade is now without its biggest backer but still seems to make big promises to a bedroom community of small single-family houses coping with a blighted wasteland in their backyard . . . BTW . . . Does anybody know how the Wendy's located right across from the cursed lot still survives??? Somebody should ask them their secret which is rather impressive given the horrible circumstances: Developer tells Mission residents that Gateway project 'will become a reality'


Anonymous said...

This developer owes money all over town. There has no indication that any type of financing is available or in place. This guys is just another BS artist who wants to extract money from the local government based on nothing but empty promises. Mission deserves better than this guy.

Anonymous said...

This is a great example of the saying,"First as tragedy, then as farce".
The first grandiose promises included an aquarium, but of course that was just to try to finagle STAR bonds from the state.
Then upscale retail.
Then WalMart with apartments above the store.
Now luxury retail and upscale hotels?
In Mission, Kansas?
How many millions of taxpayers' money have already been thrown into this black hole?
Another terrible example of how little elected officials understand about the development game and why when private investors take a pass, it's a very good reason to stay away.
Really too bad for the residents of this nice little town.

Anonymous said...

The good news is there will ALWAYS be places for consumers to spend no matter what local yokel politicians and shit heel elitists want.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of city officials in this metro throwing millions of tax payer dollars at developers with nothing but empty promises and lost tax dollars to show for it. I'm just curious when city officials on both sides of the state line will finally say enough is enough? Who am I kidding. That won't ever happen. As long as greedy city officials continue to look after their own interest instead of the people they serve, this will never end.

dayton said...

mission was better off with the half empty small mall.

Anonymous said...

Wendy's makes good hamburgers, and they have baked potatoes. Destination dining!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Wendy's is still in business. It is among the worst ones in town. I quit going there years ago. The one on 75th St. west of I-35 is just about as bad.

But to be fair, the Burger King in Mission is about the worst one around, too.

Crazy Clown said...

I've Approached the City of MISSION about letting me DUMP,,$980 Million Dollars of my own money into that place where the Mall Stood......

See I wanna build an INDOOR "Circus" because that's all that place has become the last 10- 12 years anyway, so, I figure why not just keep it what it is - a Circus,, and let everybody enjoy the Circus Routine !!

But then again, to Dump that kind of money into that place I'd have to get with the crew down in the country of Columbia and Honduras and Mexico to see if they could free up some of that Narcotics Money to invest in such a Crazy ridiculous hair brained scheme !!!!!!

Anonymous said...