Monday, October 03, 2016

Wal-Mart Seyz Adios To Mission Gateway!!!

Proving that even suburbanite politicos stay losing when they attempt to play developer . . . Somebody finally figured out that building "luxury" apartments above a discount box store is a really bad joke. JoCo politicos say they'll continue to work on filling this Golden Ghetto Empty hole. Take a look: Wal-Mart dips out of Mission Gateway Project after years of hurdles


Anonymous said...

Let me guess the developer made out like a bandit.

Anonymous said...

They should have never torn down Mission Mall. It's a shame what they've done at that site. Sitting vacant, blighted eyesore for all these years and not the big guys bail. Politicians need to know their place. They're not developers.

Tim said...

Good. Wal-Mart is sooooooo low-rent. Prefer the Hispanic W-M in its current location.

Anonymous said...

Damn it! My dream of living above a Walmart is gone!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so RAYSHITZ. Now where are those secton 8 occupants going to shoplift?

Anonymous said...

Get Cleaver to build a mega car wash there. Then add in some check cashing and liquor stores. That'll be enough to bring in the clientele of section 8 housing occupants.

Anonymous said...

this is a great location. its market demographics aren't obvious, however, to outside analysts.

and retail in general is under pressure, obviously.

a marriott courtyard plus an appartment building plus two resaurants would work, imho.

Crazy Clown said...

GOOD WAL-MART is an utter disgrace to any community anymore - FACT !

With WAL MART ya get increased CRIME in your neighborhoods

increased Shop Lifting

more Car thefts

more armed robberies


more PHONY MONEY being passed around

and more SCUMBAG TRASH roaming in your community looking to commit more crimes = FACT

WAL MART is equivalent to Building a Federal Prison in your Back Yard with NO FENCES or Security !!!