Thursday, October 13, 2016


The illusion of Democracy continues during this silly season as City Hall offers a nice wish list of project for Kansas City. Sadly, we don't see BILLIONS worth of water infrastructure repair mandated by the EPA but there are a lot of great items that will be delayed while the current Administration continues to support hotels and toy trains: "Pick Your Priority" Bracket


Anonymous said...

The original tag line for the project was "Pick Your Pocket", but even Sly and the gang thought that would be a bit obvious.
So, it you're one of the few KCMO residents who still actually think your city government has the slightest interest in your opinion, please feel free to share your input.
The deals are already being cut behind closed doors.
A city that works.
Just not for you.

Anonymous said...

Priority 1, Fire that piece of shit Troy Schulte