Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Check the ongoing efforts to lure locals away from all the action on First Friday and into an urban planner pipe dream supported by taxpayer subsidy.

Furthermore, even artsy denizens are advising that this location is filthy and needs a street sweeper soon.

Here's the plan from Better Block KC:

Join us for a celebration... under a bridge? Why not? We've tackled all kinds of urban spaces! We'll be activating the two blocks dividing the Crossroads Arts District and 18th & Vine!

- **Protected** bike lane!
- More plants than you could ever dream of! Thanks Loma Vista Nursery!
- Artist booths and vendors!
- Ride KC Transit vehicle display!
- Something special from Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters!
- Selfie station!
- Bike repair station!
- Futsal court and live DJ!
- History exhibit of the area (lots of stuff was torn down, btw)!
- Lots of seating and hangout space!

First Friday, Oct. 7 - 5-10pm
Saturday, Oct. 8 - 11am-6pm

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Hell no.

Kevin Costner said...

This sounds really neat!

Anonymous said...

It is filthy and always has been.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! These clowns could fuck up a two car parade.

June Kinshaw said...

I've got a couple silly questions. 1. What is First Friday, and why are people trying to lure some away from it? And, 2. Is the Better Block event a clean-up project, and if you attend are you volunteering?

Crazy Clown said...

Bulletin Advisory Notice

if attending this Pipe Dream event, please wear BULLITT PROOF vests and any other kind of gear to protect yourselves !

another suggestion if taking your kids to this area, leave your kids at home, better to be SAFE than sorry !

Its a Crime Ridden area full of Degenerate Thugs, and something will happen that will be news worthy, just don't count on any of the local Liberal news media out lets to cover it tho, unless its just really really badd !

OK, You've been Warned ahead of time !!!

Anonymous said...

Been to this FREAKSHOW once , mainly a bunch of homo trannies , but lately thugs looking forward to robbing , mugging , car jacking , and a range rape or 2 ¡¡

Anonymous said...

They say it will be vibrant. That is what I'm looking for. I wondered where Kansas City hid its vibrancy. I been so bored. I'm going to bring some real vibrancy with me. Would all of those bring vibrancy wear a flower so we can recognize each other and waste no time in vibrating together.

Anonymous said...

I think that you meant that you are looking for a VIBRATOR in killa city , there will spot of he / she / TRANNY nutess bitches walking around with them pre - inserted at this first Friday freak out of a dump ¡