Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Thanks to our blog community we've got an EXCELLENT perspective on gun rights this evening as the impending Democratic Party sweep threatens 2nd Amendment liberty.

Take a look:

Ban Gravity Before Assault Rifles

It's time to start cutting off hands and feet.

"Why" I can almost hear you ask yourself.

If we are to believe Hillary's argument about assault rifles, we better look to something far more dangerous and the FBI's most recent report has uncovered a true-evil; human's hands and feet.

You see, the the most recent statistics from the FBI about gun violence clearly demonstrates that of the 13,455 murders in the United States and Territories in 2015, nearly 2-1/2 times more murders were committed with what the FBI labels "hands, fists, feet, etc.".

The number of murders caused by rifles is 252. This number includes the notorious "assault" rifles, which is little more than a fancy looking deer rifle, but more expensive and NOT more powerful, NOT an automatic firing weapon (aka machine gun) and NOT any more dangerous than any other rifle available for purchase.

And so of all the murders, 1.87% was caused by a rifle. In a population of roughly 318-milliion, you are far more likely to die in a car accident (35,398), accidental poisoning (38,851) or from simply taking a spill (31,959) than an assault rifle.

Total murders caused by weapons, including assault rifles, is 9,616. So it will be far more productive if the government places a ban on gravity to prevent a fall (31,959), than on any proposed gun control program.

The FBI statistics clearly show that our ruling class assumes we're idiots and count on us not counting.

Check the facts for yourself before you decide we need some form of gun control in this nation. If facts mean anything to you, the Democrats calling for gun control, is a proposed solution to a problem that does not exist.


Anonymous said...

Great info here.

Too bad Hillary doesn't care about fact based arguments. She won't answer questions about her emails and she won't debate her upcoming bans on guns.

Get ready to get a lot of rights rolled back or away.

Anonymous said...

Gun grabbers are winning the early vote.


How Early Voting Helps Hillary Clinton

Anonymous said...

I,personally, will not have it,so i ain't trippen..fuck em

Anonymous said...


Right, rubes?

Anonymous said...

NO, Not mine she isn't

That's right, GOAT BOY..

Anonymous said...

our ruling class assumes we're idiots

whoever wrote this drivel meets the ruling class assumption

Byron Funkhouser said...

Sorry, I couldn't get past the tone that he took too long to set.

All gun enthusiasts are mentally ill.

These are not toys, to be collected. They are murder weapons. They were designed to kill people, & you want to tell me you have a constitutional right to own as many as you want.

Why do want the means to kill people?

How is this not mental illness?

Anonymous said...

Spunky, if i didn't know for a fact that you are retarded, you'd actually be kinda funny, but i don't laugh at retarded people.I just wish your caretaker's would pay closer attention to what you do in the middle of the night.
Go back to your room now, and color.

Anonymous said...

Wait, you guys can't have any guns right? I thought that Muslim O-Bam-a took them all away already? Gun & ammo manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank off you rubes. You create a false demand, thus raising prices on yourselves. It literally works every single time. This isn't a dictatorship. You do realize president can't single-handedly ass a law on their own? I know a lot of educated gun owners but you all turn into Alex Jones every four years.

Anonymous said...

Serious question for you gun nuts out there: why do you only care about the 2nd Amendment? Why didn't you care what the Patriot Act did concerning our rights? BTW, nothing is happening to your guns.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Byron, the real definition of mental illness is the desire to rule over others and to use the force of government to take from the productive class and give to the political class. And just to clarify, the political class includes individuals both rich and poor. Whether one has chosen a life of subsistence with plenty of time to watch Jerry Springer or lives as a lobbyist in the most expensive city in America, the label is the same. End this problem and the desire for assault weapons slides off into nowhere. End the current president's constant efforts to create envy where none has existed before and the desire fore assault weapons slide off to nearly none.

Anonymous said...

The article's links were outstanding. CDC, FBI and the exact answers to what is needed. Calling for Gun control is based entirely on looking for an EMOTIONAL response from voters. We are all against murder.... but at this point, we'd need to ban knives, blunt objects, and, as the article mentioned "hands and feet" as they appear to be far more dangerous.

300 words - short, sweet, too the point and kind of funny so many believe they are informed because they heard it on TV...

Anonymous said...

What is Hilliary going to do about over 350,000 yearly abortions in this country, defend a woman's right to kill her unborn children because her body and shitty judgement is always more important than the probability of human life??? Is there even the slightest chance that one libtard will denounce this perfectly normal and often encouraged barbarian practice in this country? Is there the slightest chance of an attempt to change the mindset that makes killing the unborn a part of the entitlement women maintain in their "health" choices? My what twisted fucking thinkers and piss poor rationalizations we value regarding our murder of the innocent in America. It's no wonder we have an entire generation of children with little to no respect for human life.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt abortion will ever stop, regardless of who's in office.

Bob said...

10:11, no question that early term abortions will continue, but the goal should be to eliminate late term and partial birth abortions unless the mother is demonstrably in physical danger.

Anonymous said...

I love assault weapon bans,especially the ones cooked up by the bimbo broads and libtards in Washington, D.C. During the last one in the 90's the bitches had things so fucked up that if I changed the wood stock on my 10/22 plinker to a synthetic stock the rifle immediately became an assault weapon and I became a felon even though nothing changed about the firing aesthetics of the firearm whatsoever. This time they are going to label the most popular rifles as assault weapons based on how they look rather than how much damage they can do. In proceeding down this path a mean looking, but relatively tame firearm will manage to be banned while proportionately more powerful, dangerous and potentially damage producing firearms will not be. This is what happens when you put drama queens lacking real knowledge in charge of your national gun policies.In the mean time not a single initiative will be implemented to affix accountability or identify the mental screwballs who have been responsible (and will continue to be responsible) for most of these mass shootings we read about.

As far as background checks the system has been jacked around so much by the liberals that we now have an FBI background check system that is denying or delaying hundreds of thousands of legal to buy citizens their right to procure firearms while not doing a damn thing to reduce gun violence. We require gun purchasers to have backgrounds that would qualify them for a security clearance (something Hilliary herself can not qualify for).

Last year Obama froze funding that would have improved the error rates with NICS and this year the Attorney General herself ordered the FBI to stop accepting appeals from perfectly legal gun purchasers who have been denied the right to purchase a gun due to the flawed system. This is a clear effort to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and existing Federal law. The libtards really do not want to fix anything. It should be noted that a study in Colorado citizens showed that over 50 percent of people denied gun purchases were actually legally entitled to own firearms.

Additionally, Clinto wants to ban the Online Sales "loopholke". Folks if a Missourian wants to buy a gun online he has to have the gun sent to a licensed dealer, complete his Federal paperwork, submit to and pass a background check and ONLY then can he posses the firearm. Someone explain to me where the loophole is because Hilliary is full of shit.

If we took this stance on the rest of the constitution I wonder what the radical libtards would be saying.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ thank you for the SOLID FACTS!!

Anonymous said...