Tuesday, October 04, 2016


In order to keep up with all things that apply to government and culture, we read just about everything we can find AND take suggestions from our blog community.

Accordingly, our fellow avid readers might be interested in this new release sent our way that even has a Kansas City connection for close readers.

Take a look:

Dual Mission

A true story of one agent and his investigative experience as a United States Secret Service special agent assigned to the New York Field Office which was at one time located at 7 WTC.

Dual Mission is a true story that at times reads as a novel. It is the account of one ordinary person who vanishes into the “uncharted waters” of long term investigations at an agency where such work is an unknown. His personal mission to take down the New York Mafia, the rogue pitcher, Denny McLain and other global investigations become his mission. A mission with a dual purpose.