Friday, October 07, 2016


Unbeknownst to any other Kansas City media or newsie in this town, last night one of the biggest anti-Trump rallies Kansas City has ever seen occurred among hundreds of businessman, politicos and local power brokers sharing their disdain for the GOP nominee.

To wit . . .


Latinos, especially biz people, are gracious folks so there weren't any curses from the podium or wordy speeches demanding social justice that middle-class white ladies are more than welcome to make on our behalf . . . However, OUR AWESOME INSIDERS ALONG WITH A GREAT MANY SOCIAL MEDIA CONFIRMATIONS reveal some palpable disdain for the dude from the Latino biz class who usually skew Conservative and Republican.

Here's a quote that references the backlash against Trump that dominated the crowd and attendees . . .

"I have the most distinguished honor to be in a room of some of the hardest working, family-oriented, and charitable people in this city-Latino business owners.

"We Latinos thrive when a daunting, tedious and sometimes unappreciated opportunity arises. Contrary to the recent bigoted and xenophobic comments made about our culture, we are leaders, business owners, and most importantly, strong, family focused people. I am proud to be in this room tonight, with my people-passionate people-and look forward to our united future and respected and appreciated place in the melting pot called the United States. Viva la Raza and congratulations to all the amazing honorees tonight and members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce!"

Also, there was other image sent my way of a bunch of well dressed Latinos tagged "That Mexican thing" which also evoked a giggle.

But I digress . . .

The point here is that this Kansas City sample of Conservative, upwardly mobile, entrepreneurial and avid Latino voters in the middle of two red states doesn't bode well for Donald Trump despite his promises to try and garner Latino support . . . Because he can't win the election without it.

Background . . .

Biz Insider: Top Latino polling firm: Trump is headed for a historic, lopsided loss among the key group

WND: Stunner! Latinos now boarding Trump train

Daily Beast: Latinos for Trump? Like Chickens for Colonel Sanders

Breitbart: Trump in Nevada Vows to Help 'Millions of Latinos Trapped in Poverty'

NBC: Latino Who Advised Trump Warns Of Another GOP Presidential Defeat

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

If they were smart they would vote their interest and vote for Trump.

Hillary doesn't care about them either. At least Trump will help support their businesses.

Build The Wall said...

The better story would be Latinos in KC for Trump.

There are more than a few and they are HILARIOUS!

Anonymous said...

"Long live the race"

Ummm, that sounds weird

Anonymous said...

There are some simpleton fools taken in by what the main stream media is telling them. Apparently the room last night at this gala was full of these simpleton fools.
Hillary is a politician and Trump is a business man.
It seems to me that this makes the choice very simple.
Trump should win.
Vote Trump!

Anonymous said...

You are a fucking moron Tony.

Anonymous said...

Insidious egalitarianism, destructive welfarism, aggressive multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, Third World invasions by the wretched of the earth, militaristic imperialism posing as humanitarian liberation, and mindless parousiatic atheism in the name of a hallowed pluralism, have blended into a banal omnipresent doxology, that of statolatry.

The destruction of our country, enabled by the mass immigration of peoples who require government assistance and will vote for any Democrat who continues the rape of the middle class tax payer to support irredentist foreigners if they vote Democrat continues.

Fuck La Raza, BLM and fuck you.

Anonymous said...


I will be going to ALL Latino / Mexican restaurants to receive "FREE" FOOD & Meals and Drinks !

I Expect it FREE without problems as well as others should too !!!

Why should I have to PAY for anything ????????????

Why should any American have to PAY for their Taco's & Burrito's

If they can expect and Demand all those Entitlements for FREE AND ENTER the US illegally and believe their entitled , than WE can expect to eat all up and down Southwest Boulevard for FREE too then , because of Entitlements .

Whats good for one group is good for everybody - Right ???????

Lets see how their tune changes this week-end , as I invite everybody to EAT FREE at any Mexican restaurant you'd like for FREE the rest of the year !!

Watch how fast their tune changes then !!

Have Fun - everybody now EATS for FREE at ALL Mexican Restaraunts anywhere & everywhere - order as much as you want - hell its FREE they don't mind !!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are 'Latino' and here in the US legally, you vote Trump. If you are not here legally you vote Hillary. Simple as that. For the official US citizens, you all know or should the rules of citizenship. No excuse, and no challenging. No gray area. If you are a US citizen, act like one.

Anonymous said...

Protect violent criminal illegals! American communities need more criminal predators. Latino crooks will most likely prey on other Hispanics. Early Trump generalizations are played up by the media to promote Hillary and the Demo agenda. She will further pollute a once great America until it becomes a third world hellhole. Venezuela was once a growing healthy economy. Cesar Chavez did not want America borderless. Raul Yzaguirre, a friend to KC, did not promote America as the world dumping ground for disaffected aliens. I had the pleasure of meeting Raul and he appeared to be promoting the welfare of Hispanic Americans. America will only be healthy if we prioritize our citizens and their welfare. If you want the Obama legacy to continue then vote for her.

Anonymous said...

Remember, it wasn't Trump that referred to Hispanics as "taco bowl". That would be the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to be sensing some anti-Hillary hostility here.

Byron Funkhouser said...

What you're seeing 1:16 is the racists trying to convince the people they hate to vote for the racist candidate.

Trump lost the election the day he announced his candidacy by vilifying Chicano's.

Clinton will be a great president.

Anonymous said...

WRONG! Byron's doing the lobbying for lib lies by using "Chicano's" (should be plural, not possessive, goof). Chicano is defined as persons born in the U.S. of Mexican born parents. Trump made statements over many months now that "illegals" from ANYWHERE should be held to the laws of U.S. immigration. Careful vetting and probable deportations are likely results in efforts for national security and economic viability--as it should be. Brexit, anyone? Mexit?

Like the lefty MSM (Major Garrett, et al) the designation of "illegals" is absent in 99% of their Alinskied spin when talking immigrants. A good example is when Dems slant the Judge Curiel tale. It's not that Trump distrusts Curiel because he's Mexican. The judge's ties to LaRaza is what Trump has protested. So, judges known for pro-life advocacy are recused from cases centered on abortion issues. LaRaza invites controversial stances on "undocumenteds" (another term for illegals).

And, Trump (many others, too), having proposed border security and immigration controls (many laws not adhered to on these two concerns) is derided by the "open borders/give-it-all-away/who-the-hell-knows-what-cartel-jihadists-are-sneaking-in/AMNESTY AMIGOS!!!

Bet there's many Manny Lopez-styled citizens (R) who want America to honor law and order when dealing with immigration. L.E.G.A.L. -- a simple 5 letters -- the the right way!!!

Anonymous said...

2:22 the racist candidate? You mean the one that tells "colored people's time" jokes? The candidate that calls young blacks "super predators"? The candidate that panders by saying, in her best Ebonics voice, "ah ain't no ways tahred"?

Anonymous said...

5:40 - Skoolin' the lefties, libbies, loonies...THANKS!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? They the guys that own El Nagueys and a roofing business. More Tony's baloney.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ get some education, fool. If you don't know about it. That is money you are losing.

Anonymous said...

Better get used to the TRUMP. When he is president if you dont be nice he won't give you any money.

Anonymous said...

7:54 Bite my ass beaner breath. If I want Mexican money I'll go in the drug business. Now get yer fucking shovel and get to work on that wall.