Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Katie & Dolly Kansas City Link Pool

Katie Thornton and Dolly Fox get our early morning started with an EPIC display of friendliness as we kindly consider these Kansas City news links as a gesture of kindness. Checkit:

Cowtown Internets Illusion Of Democracy
Pick your priority in Kansas City's budget plans
Local Grassroots Teaching Moment
Kansas City schools superintendent will walk district neighborhoods on Nov. 5
Another Brave Kansas City Mom Report
Kansas City mom turns to protect 5 kids when armed men posing as police burst into home
More Deets On Nasty Charges Against Kansas City Metro Photographer
Man accused of tricking Kansas City area women into rehearsing for fake porn movies
Urban Core Injury Aftermath
Kansas City, Kan., priest unloading pumpkin hit so hard by thieves, he'll require eye surgery
Looking For Meth Town Justice
Independence man killed in hit & run; police need help
Healing After Local Crime Spree
Kansas City officer recovering from injuries after car theft suspect drags them during getaway
Show-Me Cowtown Political Rallies
Eric Greitens, Chris Koster plans KC area events
Kansas City Urban Core Doggie Sanctuary Could Fetch Big Bucks
Swope dog park in running for $30,000 makeover
Pitch In For Parks & Rec
You can volunteer to spruce up KC's Trail of Heroes
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Superintendent Bedell needs to walk through the neighborhoods his school district serves around 2:00am on a Saturday morning.
That would give him a much better idea of what he needs to overcome.
And he needs to be sure to be accompanied by a number of police officers.

Moron Patrol said...

SOOO funny when media SCOFF at public safety by REFUSING to list RACE of suspects. "Teen" & "Youth" are the NEW BLACK. "Vague Description" means BLACK. A teen with a black hoodie and long dreadlocks...so confusing.


Anonymous said...


Katie and Dolly share a wet dream!!!

Anonymous said...

The trail of bitching and whining.

Anonymous said...

Tax payers paid for the Trail Of Dead Cops and now it appears the public doesn't need the pork right now.

Anonymous said...

The best you can hope for is neutral buoyancy!