Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Kansas City Workaday News Links

Credit to this office furniture retailer who finally found a way to make their products seem interesting. And that spirit of innovation inspires this Kansas City afternoon link blast.

Take a peek:

Kansas City Election Guide Report
KCEB issues reminder about absentee voting
Loretto Will Become Boutique Hotel
Brian Kaberline on Twitter
More Local Protest Today
KC Council urged to oppose Dakota Access Pipeline affecting Missouri River
Sunflower State Racist Ranting Continues
Kansas lawmaker's Facebook post says black protester should go "home"
Show-Me Statewide Election Fight
Thursday: Meet the Democratic and Republican candidates for Missouri Treasurer
Kansas Legal Question Earns National Media Fashion Mag Coverage
Electing Judges Continues to Be a Terrible Idea
Cowtown Asylum Comeback
New KC Center Aims To Address Gaps In Missouri's Community Mental Health System
Local Fear Trick Or Treat Fear
KBI recommends parents check online for registered offenders before Halloween
South Kansas City Comes Together
Hickman Mills School District's 'Learnscape' gives learning a whole new meaning
Gourmet Gluttony For Good Cause
140 restaurants to take part in Kansas City Restaurant Week
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Anonymous said...

KCPD Officer Ebert makes a racist statement on Facebook and Ad Hoc For Crime supports the racist statement concerning the police killing down in Tulsa. "Good Shoot" is a term for justifiable kill by police. The problem is there had not been an investigation into the police killing in Tulsa had not been investigated yet so KCPD Officer Ebert was speaking in the voice of Judge, Jury and Executioner. This is racism and this is how racism has operated in Kansas City for decades. In fact, City Hall knows as long as police kill only four people a year they can operate under the cloud of violent crime in economically depressed areas in the Kansas City Metro.

Anonymous said...


After starting a new "casual Friday" office policy, Tiffany, the former blonde stripper raised eyebrows and few other things!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Maybe it's time to stop pretending that Europeans are Americans, & send them back home. Let's start with Donald Trump, & his cadre of racists & bible thumpers.

Anonymous said...

Byron, let's start with the Clintoons and you packing and parting now. No, let's make that right after you slice up Mexicans and send back their Spanish parts, huh? For Barry, do you carve the Kenyan sections apart from the Kansan-caucasion remnants and toss the Dunham parts back to the place in Europe those originate?

Anonymous said...

How much are the taxpayers going to be on the hook for when the Loretto hotel concept can't make its bond payments?
Another great development idea by a dreamer with big plans and no money.
But wait! There's always YOUR money.