Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Kansas City Tuesday Night News Serving

Hottie Charlie Rina begins our evening look at all the important Kansas City mainstream media links tonight for this roundup of local MSM content that still, unfortunately, impacts the lives of locals. Take a look:

Do You Trust Corrupt Jackson County With Your Medical Records???
Why is Missouri the only state without prescription drug monitoring?
Sleaze Summit Hates Science
Citing religious reasons, more parents choosing to forego vaccinations for children in metro school district
Overbuilding Kansas City Entertainment District
Apartment plan for north of the Plaza earns early approvals
Local Good Deeds Yard Work
Kansas City organization needs volunteers to help people with disabilities clean up their yards
Hope For The JoCo Empty Hole
In Mission, a new appreciation takes root for the Gateway project with Walmart's absence
Kansas City Wrecking Crew
City and police identify vacant homes used for criminal activity in effort to boost neighborhoods
Sunflower State Teaching Moment
Among Kansas Candidates, Two Schools Of Thought On Education: Spend More Or Spend Wiser
And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

With absolutely no assurances nor penalties in the program the privacy of your medical information is near guaranteed to be violated. Caretakers must be subject to criminal and civil penalties related to the privacy of your records and I don't hear anyone bringing this up with this local yokel horse shit plan.

Anonymous said...

Time to update your Chrystal photo as she's sporting that bleached, straw hairdo now.

Anonymous said...

Dear KS tax payers,

Wake the hell up Kansas. We're being lied to and robbed blind. Your kids get more than enough funds for their educational costs. It's these fine groups of con artists that are stealing from tax payers and teachers. Have you met one of these clowns are worth six figures?

USD 229 Superintendent pay $634,454
USD 512 Asst. Superintendent $422,198
US 233 Superintendent $287,456

Public School Teacher $50,596